These days, it's imperative to create engaging photos and videos that will make potential customers excited to work with you.

It’s also easier and more affordable than you might think. I can help you design the perfect video for your brand. Browse some examples below or contact me to start the process.



I created this one-minute ad for a local yoga teacher to create a feeling of relaxation and calm in a more unique way than just seeing candles or a view of the beach.

It turns out that Matt Longmire, aside from being a talented filmmaker, is a genuinely nice human being. Matt set me at ease from the get-go, and I could tell that I was in the hands of an artist who would be a pleasure to work with. If you’re in the market to create a commercial, documentary, PSA, or other video project, I highly recommend connecting with Matt.

I designed this "I am an Xpat" commercial to create a sense of belonging to a team as most freelancers often feel alone. By having each member state “I am an Xpat,” viewers feel a desire to join that family.

He captured the emotion beautifully, not just from people’s faces, but from their hands and voices and activities. He artfully wove in so many rich details that helped to tell the story.

I also loved the way that he was able to quickly and easily work with our members, to get them to talk with a camera pointed at them, about what membership meant to them. It was very low-impact on the rest of our operations, and he put everyone at ease. He really does work quickly and efficiently.

Mandi wanted a video she could show clients before their photo shoot to describe the process and set them at ease.



Meet your goals faster and easier by sharing your message with an emotionally powerful video campaign whether it's for a non-profit organization or crowdfunding a restaurant.


I filmed & edited this short Kickstarter video for a friend of mine and his wife as they were preparing to open their first restaurant in Port Townsend, Washington. It helped raise over $27,000 which was $2,000 more than their actual goal. I'm happy to report the restaurant is now open and doing well.



Video tours of homes for sale or event venues are becoming not only popular, but necessary. Buyers know they can save time, money, and energy by virtually walking through a house before they schedule a showing.

Matt understood the challenge of capturing the essence of the property and conveying the story of the home in a two and a half minute video. He gave us a wonderful product that we not only used in the marketing and sale of the waterfront house but continue to use as a sample of marketing that could be offered for potential clients. Matt was a pleasure to work with and was receptive to the collaborative input and suggestions we offered during the filming and post-production. I would recommend him without reservation and would be happy to discuss details further with any of his clients.