“The River” is the story of five men abducted into an underground game of No Limit Texas Hold’em Poker where the winner will receive $1,000,000 but the losers will die. Each of them must play for their lives in this nine episode series.

With his writing and direction, Longmire proves himself to be a masterful storyteller. Each member of the outstanding cast, creates a memorable character without resorting to stereotype.
— Susan Siniawsky, WebVeeGuide

Often described as a combination of “Saw” & “Twelve Angry Men,” the show began in 2009 as a feature film. However, after five years of growth in the online television industry and the monumental success of YouTube, “The River” has now found success as a web series which premiered its first season on October 15th, 2014.

The game is prepared.

Warning: This series contains graphic language and violence and should not be viewed without discretion.

During a game of online poker, a man receives a message that asks "Do you want to play a real game?" What happens next will change his life forever.

The Host introduces the rules of the game and gives the players a choice. The decision is their own.

One player decides take a chance.

Players react to the first loss of the game. There is no going home now.

What happens when the game doesn't go as planned?

Another player lost to the game.

Cheaters never prosper.

Someone must lose for someone to win.

All things come to an end.

Cast & Crew

The Host: Michael Jaworski
Player 1: Don Danielson
Player 2: Justin Ipock
Player 3: Oto Brezina
Player 4: Alexius Zellner
Player 5: Matt Ryan
Player 2’s Wife: Monika Casey
Player 2’s Brother: Ben Whitehair
Player 5’s Parents: Debra Olson-Tolar & Kevin Flood

Written, Directed, Edited, & Produced by Matt Longmire
Producer: Hayden Longmire
DP: Ben Booker
2nd Camera: Dilip Isaac
Sound Mixer: Anthony Enns
Makeup & SFX: Josh Potter
Production Photos: Justin Edwards

Watch Cast Commentary on the making of The River

Listen to Matt Longmire, Alexius Zellner (Player 4), & Ben Whitehair (The Brother) to talk about the making of The River and what it was like to play their respective characters.
Listen to Don Danielson (Player 1) & Michael Jaworski (The Host) talk with about their experience on the set of The River. Hosted by Matt Longmire and recorded on the day of the Season Finale of the show.