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I'm developing a subscription-based photography service for small-to-medium businesses to help them develop their online appearance and following. This service is currently in sort of a "beta test" mode as I streamline the offerings and client-facing systems such as scheduling, photo delivery, etc.

The short version is that I'm offering high-quality, but low-cost photography for retail, food, experience, and service industry businesses to provide new and exciting content for their customers on a consistent basis. Instead of paying large amounts of money for a one-time photo shoot and a few pictures, subscribers get monthly visits for new photos they can share online to grow their brand awareness and bring in customers.

Clients will be able to choose from three available packages:


1 2-Hour Session
10 Optimized Digital Photos
10 Hashtag Recommendations/Photo


2 2-Hour Sessions
20 Optimized Digital Photos
20 Hashtag Recommendations/Photo


3 2-Hour Sessions
30 Optimized Digital Photos
30 Hashtag Recommendations/Photo

For this beta test, I need to take photos I can use as examples from retail, food, and other types of businesses so for a very limited time, I'm offering a free session and several free digital photos to interested business owners in exchange for the rights to use those photos in my own examples. Beta testers who choose to subscribe to the service once it's launched will get one free month at their chosen package tier. If you're interested or have questions, email me at


What does one of the photo sessions look like?

It will depend on your business and what needs to be photographed. Food for example is best shot near a large window on an attractive table, while clothing is absolutely best photographed on a model outdoors on a nice day. No matter the situation, I try to keep things minimal and as noninvasive as possible.

Is there any cost to do this?

Not for the Beta testers. Only subscribers will pay any fee once the service is live next month.

How many photos do I get if I agree to the Beta test photo shoot?

It really depends on how many we can capture in whatever time we have on site, but the "best of" will probably be somewhere between 5-10.

When does this launch?

Probably in early August after I have time to fully develop the material.