Commercials are great for quickly getting the word out about your business. They’re fast, efficient and easy to get the public to watch due to their short runtimes.

But what about the people who've already heard about your business but want to learn more? An “Explainer” is like a virtual handshake. It’s longer than a commercial and generally lives on your website to tell a little more of your story and let potential clients and customers get to know you even when you’re not available.

Businesses & Consultants are finding these to be very effective at starting the conversation about their products and services.

"His filmmaking captured emotion beautifully, not just from people’s faces, but from their hands and voices and activities. He artfully wove in so many rich details that helped to tell the story. My favorite moment is watching one of our members Dave, during a voice-over, chatting with someone, and then breaking out into a sly grin right at the end as he raises a finger to his eye. We’ll never know what made him smile that one time, and that cut ended on just the perfect high note.

I also loved the way that he was able to quickly and easily work with our members, to get them to talk with a camera pointed at them, about what membership meant to them. It was very low-impact on the rest of our operations, and he put everyone at ease. He really does work quickly and efficiently.

But most of all, Matt was are simply a joy to work with. He is talented with huge integrity and leadership. Confident, calm, and a firm sense of where he is going… with whatever he’s setting out to accomplish. I hope that we will get many chances to work together again.”

— Leslie S.