Photos just aren't enough sometimes. Buyers now realize they can save time by taking virtual tours of available houses instead of physically going to a house just to find out it doesn’t look like the pictures.

Real Estate Agents know that having a virtual tour video gives a major advantage to homes that perhaps don’t photograph well or benefit from showing the whole house in one sitting often accompanied by music that gives potential buyers the emotional attachment to a property they wouldn’t have had with just photos.

These tours can usually be shot in a single day and often edited to completion in around 48-72 hours giving you an advantage over other homes for sale.


“Matt understood the challenge of capturing the essence of the property and conveying the story of the home in a two and a half minute video. He gave us a wonderful product that we not only used in the marketing and sale of the waterfront house but continue to use as a sample of marketing that could be offered for potential clients. Matt was a pleasure to work with and was receptive to the collaborative input and suggestions we offered during the filming and post-production. I would recommend him without reservation and would be happy to discuss details further with any of his clients.”

— Ed Buckley