FREELANCE video production SERVICES

A video is just a tool like anything else: a website, a business card, an email, ETC. The right tool in the right hands used in the right way can do amazing things, but lose any of those elements and it's just another video on YouTube.

Although every video is customized to that client's needs, this is a good collection of the more common types of different video projects. Click or tap any of the categories below for a few video examples, more details about those projects, and client testimonials or just scroll down to browse them all.

So how does this work?

Good question. Hopefully, this is a good answer.

  • First we talk, sometimes by phone or email, but an in-person consultation is usually best for everyone. In this conversation, I'll listen closely to your video needs and I'll ask several questions about how you hope to use this video going forward, plus some logistical things like timeline, budget goals, etc.
  • If you're happy with my recommendations, we start making arrangements to produce your project. We schedule dates, organize your on-camera subjects, then we film your project over our agreed upon timeline.
  • Once we have what we need, I start the editing process which is different from project to project. I'll cut together a "rough cut" with absolutely no bells or whistles, just the bare bones, for you to review (using your imagination for the missing pieces) to make sure we're going in the right direction before we go too far.
  • If you're happy, I'll wrap it all up with a bow and send you a low-resolution copy for final review.
  • If there are no further changes, we finalize payment and I send your high definition video.
  • If you need more help, such as creating a YouTube or Vimeo channel to host your video, I'm happy to assist with that.

That's a brief overview of the process but know that your experience may vary based on the needs of your project. For most projects, it's just me filming, running sound & lights, editing, and finalizing the project like a one-man-band. All of the videos you've seen here were made that way.